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We Climb

The Final Push...

Another boulder conquered! We’re on our way to being able to welcome nearly twice as many students to the Everest Value community. And no one deserves it more than the families who have waited patiently and worked so hard.
Elevation for the proposed Everest Value School campus

“My son is very happy to attend school every day. He has received exceptional support from the special education department. We are proud to be an Everest Value School family.”
— Claudia S., proud Everest Value School parent

Year after year, as hopes for one site after another were dashed, our families stuck it out because they know … 
  • That the potential of this community is unlimited
  • That together we can do more than we can do alone
  • That families are educators and educators are families
  • That the community they’ve built will be even stronger when it can grow bigger - and
  • That faithful friends and benevolent strangers alike cared enough to invest in their futures.
Now their patience and hard work are paying off.
South East Elevation for Everest Value


...and Everyone is Behind Us

“It’s always a treat to be able to hear from the students that will be able to enjoy this school. And I am really impressed at the community support for this project. It speaks to the role that this institution plays in the community.”
— Los Angeles City Planning Commissioner

Having secured a site at last, our project team went to work navigating the environmental, zoning, and other regulatory steps to build a new school facility in Los Angeles. In the best of times, the process is complex and difficult – and a global pandemic is not the best of times! 
With unanimous support from the neighborhood council, the Los Angeles City Planning Commission, and the California School Finance Authority, we’re cleared to move to the construction phase of the Everest Value School project. With the support of friends and generous donors, we’re on our way to achieving our goal of $5.5 million in private gifts toward the total cost of the project. As always, we rely on our committed leaders.


We Know We Can Get There... With Our Committed Leadership

Grant Cambridge on BEST trip

No one exemplifies leadership in this campaign more than Grant L. Cambridge, who chairs the Foundation and the Value Schools Board of Directors. 


The Learning Rights Law Center recently honored Grant as its 2020 Champion of Education for his support of the education of underserved children and families. He’s been our champion all along. His public contributions – more than a decade as a board leader, underwriter of college trips, sponsor of challenge grants – are well known.


But it’s the quiet encouragement, the private generosity to students and alumni, the can-do spirit and the deep commitment of this first-generation college graduate that inspire the Value Schools community.


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“By working together, we can do more than we can do by ourselves.” 

Public funding for charter school facilities is insufficient in expensive real estate markets such as Los Angeles. The We Climb campaign seeks to close the gap between the actual cost of the Everest Value project and the amount Value Schools Foundation can raise by issuing tax-exempt bonds. But reaching the summit requires more than money, and everyone in the Value Schools community has been invited to contribute time and talent as well. 

We Climb

Growing together. Building together.