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Did the COVID 19 policy change from the 2021-22 school year?
      • minor changes were made to the policy.
What remains the same in the policy from the 2021-22 school year to the current school year?
      • Policies regarding masking and some testing policies remained the same.
      • The chart below uses arrows and the color yellow to identify areas that are the same.
Low RiskLess than 1% Positivity RateLess than 5 positive cases Masking
  • Masks are optional 
  • Home testing is encouraged and scanned in primary health for students.       
  • Home testing is mandatory for students who are symptomatic prior to coming to school
  • COVID testing at school is optional or by request  
Medium RiskBetween 1% to 3% Positivity RateBetween 5 and 14 positives Medium Risk 
  • Masks are required in-doors and at all times and everywhere for symptomatic or exposed students
  • Weekly home testing is required and scanned for all students (regardless of vaccination status)
  • COVID testing at school is optional or by request  
High RiskAbove 3% Positivity RateMore than 14 positive cases High Risk 
  • Masks are required indoors and outdoors
  • School testing is required for all regardless of vaccination status

What changed in the policy from the 2021-22 school year to the current school year?
  • Some positivity rates and testing policies changed
  • Areas identified in white in the above chart are different from the 2021-22 school year.
Why were there changes to the COVID19 policy from the 2021-22 school year?
  • The network wants to ensure we continue to support and honor stakeholder feedback, while revisiting and honoring the current COVID19 climate and the operational needs of the schools.
What if the county or LAUSD implement stricter policies, will we have to follow them?
  • Any policies mandated by the district or the county will supersede the network policies.
  • Any policies recommended by the district or the county will be taken into consideration and used for possible changes in the future.

Will the policy be revised or changed during the school year?
  • The policy may be revised or changed if recommended by the COVID19 working group.
  • Additional surveys may occur throughout the year to determine if the policy needs adaptation.

If individual schools want to change the policy, can we do so as a community?
  • The network is responsible for establishing a policy that can support all schools, and establishes the minimum standards and expectations. Schools may go over and beyond with their COVID19 policy. Each school community must decide if they prefer additional measures and/or supports that go beyond the network policy.  School communities cannot create a policy that is below the minimums established by the network.