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The Ultimate Climb

A 2,650-mile trek to benefit the WE CLIMB campaign

Tom Levee is taking on the Pacific Crest Trail in support of Value Schools
Tom Levee has spent a lifetime hoping to take the journey across the Pacific Crest Trail.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

We thought about that saying often when we set our minds to creating the We Climb campaign for Everest Value School.

Now, Value Schools Foundation board member Tom Levee is about to prove the literal truth of the saying – and more. His journey of 2,650 miles began on March 30 with a single step at the California/Mexico border, as he set out to hike the entire Pacific Crest Trail. His Value Schools family will be rooting him on all the way, and so can you!

It is just like Tom to use his opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream as a way to help others as well.

As he hikes the deserts, mountains and valleys up to the Canadian border, Tom will be in touch with Value Schools students who will follow his progress, learning skills in geography, navigation, history, preparation, focus and determination. Along with inspiration, we expect to see some healthy competition among the schools’ classes as they pledge and raise contributions for each mile he walks.

100% of the proceeds of Tom's 2,650-mile hike will go to building a new state-of-the-art campus for Everest Value School. 

Many of our students might pledge a penny per mile, and can be proud forever of their role in creating a beautiful new place where generations can learn. We will celebrate all those $26 contributions when we open the doors next fall. Whether you’re in for a penny with them, or in for $100/mile, we invite you to join your enthusiasm with theirs to bring Everest Value home.

You can keep up with Tom’s climb and campaign by clicking below.

And you can read Tom’s letter to his friends, announcing his great adventure, below:


Dear Friends,

Tom has gathered all his gear and is ready for his trip!When I was 16, I went on a twelve-day backpacking trip with my father in the Golden Trout Wilderness. We covered a small stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail—my first exposure to it—and I thought to myself how cool it would be to hike the entire thing. Life went on: I went to college, got sucked into corporate America, got married, and raised children. I didn’t backpack for over thirty years, but we did camp and hike on occasion. On some of those trips we would see PCT hikers and it reminded me of my early fascination. I resolved I would join them some day.

That dream came to fruition on 2/8/21 when I separated from Disney and received my permit to hike the 2,650 miles of the PCT from Mexico to Canada. I will launch from Campo (Mexico-USA border) on 3/30 and end at Manning Park, British Columbia (Canada-USA border). I estimate it’ll take me about six-months from start to finish and I’m wholeheartedly committed to succeeding.

You likely know I’ve been serving on the Board of the Value Schools Charter Schools for the past nine years—as it happens, we are in the process of building a K-8 that’ll be named Everest Value School. I’m inspired by the synergy between my adventure and Value School’s vision to expand and have decided to dedicate my hike—my personal Everest—to the building of Everest Value School. I hope you’ll support both of these audacious but worthwhile endeavors by following me and commenting on my periodic Instagram posts at tomlev33, and by committing some level of support to Everest!

Thanks in advance for your support!



Join Tom on his trek as he pursues and shares his dream with the students and families of Value Schools. Help him give every young learner at Everest Value the hope and excitement they need to reach the summit. Remember –100% of the proceeds of Tom's 2,650-mile hike will go to support the development of a new state-of-the-art campus for Everest Value School and the WE CLIMB campaign. 

Consider these levels of support:

  • $0.01 per mile x 2,650 miles = $26
  • $0.05 per mile x 2,650 miles = $132
  • $0.10 per mile x 2,650 miles = $265
  • $1.00 per mile x 2,650 miles = $2,650
  • $10.00 per mile x 2,650 miles = $26,500
  • $100 per mile x 2,650 miles = $265,000
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