As stated in our fourth value, and as part of our charter, “a safe, nurturing community is essential to academic excellence.” A community grows from common ideals and shared experiences, and is composed of individuals who genuinely care and seek good for each other. In a nurturing community, everyone belongs and feels valued; each person feels secure and is supported in efforts to grow in their own way. Each morning our students recite, “we believe that working together we can do more than we can do by ourselves”. This statement is not just for our students; Value Schools believes that parents are an essential part of building a strong, safe learning community. One of the ways we ensure that every parent is involved with their child’s education is by encouraging parent participation. The school has numerous ways to stay connected in your child’s education:

  • attending classes sponsored by the parent center on various topics such as discipline, curriculum, technology, health, and more
  • volunteering to teach classes to students or other parents
  • attending monthly school-wide meetings such as PTO, School Site Council, or Coffee with the Principal
  • attending parent conferences
  • chaperoning field trips
  • leading a small group activity in your child’s classroom
  • organizing fundraising events like Fiesta or after school sales
  • beautifying the school campus

By becoming actively involved on campus for twenty hours or more each year, parents strengthen their ties to the school and to other other families. They learn strategies to support and teach their child at home and contribute to the overall growth of the school. Parents provide support in times of trouble and celebrate successes together. Teachers, parents, staff, and students are all part of the same team that takes ownership of the great achievements that happen here at Everest Value School. While Parent Participation Hours are not legally required, they are highly encouraged at Everest Value School. Lack of participation will NOT impact your child’s admission or enrollment. The school provides several different volunteer opportunities in the mornings, throughout the day, in the evenings, and on the weekend for parents to be involved as indicated in our parent involvement policy. We honor parents who are setting an example of service and commitment to their child’s education by completing their hours of participation. Involvement in your child’s education is something that your child will cherish for a lifetime. The actions you take while they are young, will make a tremendous impact when they are older. Parents, we thank you for continuing to be active members of our community; we are all enriched by your presence!

School Site Council

Everest Value School will have a School Site Council that will provide direction and oversight to the school, subject to the terms and limitations specified by the board of directors.

See school calendar for upcoming meeting dates and times.

Authority and Responsibility of the School Site Council

Subject to the reserved rights of the board of directors, the School Site Council shall have the authority and responsibility to formulate and approve all policies necessary to the governance of the school; provided that they are consistent with the policies adopted by the board of directors for the governance of all schools.

Membership in the School Site Council

The School Site Council shall be composed of the following members:

  1. The Principal of the school, who shall also be the chair of the committee;
  2. Faculty members who are elected by the faculty and who are equal in number to twenty percent (20%) of the total faculty; except that there shall not be less than one faculty member, not more than four;
  3. Parents who are selected according to the by-laws of the School Site Council and who are equal in number to two percent (2%) of the total registered student enrollment, except that there shall not be fewer than two parents, nor more than five;
  4. Classified staff, if specified in the by-laws
  5. Community representatives, if specified in the by-laws.

Specific Duties of the School Site Council

The School Site Council, consistent with its general authority and responsibility, shall among other things:

  1. Formulate the school’s mission statement, philosophy, and strategic plan;
  2. Formulate by-laws to govern its own operations;
  3. Prepare the annual budget and oversee its implementation;
  4. Propose to the board of directors the purchase of real property and the sale, lease, transfer or encumbrance thereof;
  5. Propose the lease of facilities to be used as the main place of the school’s activities;
  6. Formulate and adopt policies on curriculum, supplementary programs, student discipline, parents and their involvement in the school, and the use of facilities;
  7. Develop and implement a plan to consult in a substantive manner with parents, faculty and staff in the formulation of school policies.

Organization of the School Site Council

The chief executive officer or authorized delegate shall, in consultation with the Principal, appoint two faculty members, two students and two parents to serve as an ad hoc committee to prepare the by-laws, including procedures for selecting members. The committee shall begin its work as soon as feasible after the beginning of school, and complete its work in no more than two months. The Chief Executive Officer or authorized delegate shall prepare sample bylaws and offer supporting services as may be needed to prepare the by-laws. Until such time as the first School Site Council is selected in accord with the by-laws approved by the Board of Directors, the Principal shall exercise the authority and responsibility given the School Site Council.

Parent Leadership Council

In addition to the School Site Council, there is a parent leadership council which serves the more immediate needs of the school during the year. All are welcome to apply for positions are held in the fall. Meetings are held monthly (or more often if needed) during the school year. Meeting times are publicized beforehand, and agendas posted near the front office. Visiting parents have time at each meeting to speak of concerns about the school.

See school calendar for upcoming meeting dates and times.

Handling Issues and Concerns

We expect parents to be involved in their child’s education here at Everest Value School. You are a vital component of your child’s success. It is understandable that you might have concerns about some of the elements of your child’s life here. If those concerns are not addressed, they can cause friction at home or with the teacher or other students. Please do not wait long to talk with someone about your child’s unhappiness. Usually things can be worked out easily and quickly. Here are some tips for resolving problems quickly and effectively:

  • Set an appointment to talk with the teacher or staff member involved first.
  • Express your concerns as calmly as possible in terms of how your child is being affected.
  • Keep an open mind.
  • Think of more than one solution to the problem.
  • Realize that we have many children that have needs, and what works at home may not be reasonable here at school.
  • If you feel that your concerns have not been met by talking with the teacher or staff member, set an appointment to see the Principal.

Usually an appointment will be available the same day you call. We want your child to succeed here, and we want each child to feel comfortable. Occasionally, the Dean of Students or another mediator will be consulted to address the problem.

  • Schoolwide issues may be addressed at any time by writing a letter or calling the Principal, or by putting an item on the agenda for the next parent meeting.

Do not attempt to discipline, reprimand, or interrogate another child on or off the school campus. If problems arise with a particular child, let the teacher or principal know. If it continues, keep letting us know. We will put procedures in place where each child can feel safe and secure. If you as a parent attempt to discipline another child it places your child in an awkward position. It makes any school problem worse. We will do what it takes to help you and your child to solve problems here at school.

Authority of Principal

This handbook is meant to be a guide to the philosophy and procedures in place to provide a safe, nurturing learning environment for your child. No handbook can possibly cover every unforeseen situation or circumstance that will be presented throughout a school year. In cases not addressed herein, the Principal shall have final authority to carry out necessary procedures to insure that the mission of the school is best implemented.

The Official Parent Involvement Policy is both the Local Education Agency and School Level Policy for Everest Value School and it describes how the school will fulfill the Title I parent involvement requirements of No Child Left Behind.

If you'd like to view some of the additional policies and procedures for parents at Everest Value School, click here.

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