How to Access PowerSchool to View Your Child's Grades and Progress

Having access to your student's daily activities and assignments at school is essential in supporting your young person's educational experience. PowerSchool connects educators, students, and parents to build captivating and interactive learning communities.



  • You need Internet access and a computer with a working browser (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari)

Access PowerSchool for Parents here


  • Type in your child's username.
  • Type in your child's password.
  • Click the submit button and wait for the grades to be generated. Your child's grades will show up by class. Note that each grade is a link to a more detailed window with the exact assignments for each class. Clicking the grades and attendance icon returns you back to the main grades screen.

Note that many of the icons are not functional, however the school bulletin is and can be used to track the announcements within each school.

For questions about the use of PowerSchool:

For Downtown Value School and Everest Value School, contact Jose Esquivel.

For Central City Value High School, contact Alvin Lamarre, or call him directly at (213) 471–4686 extension 219, or stop by Central City Value High School and visit him in the main office.

For University Prep Value High School, contact Robert Poyer, or call him directly at (213) 382-1223.