Opportunities for Parent Involvement

Research and common sense tell us that when parents and schools work together, the academic and social achievement of students is much higher. Here at Central City Value, we aim to work together to ensure students receive a high quality education and have access to colleges and universities. Together, we are part of the indispensable fabric of our community's success.

Parents are welcome to volunteer in a variety of capacities. From fundraisers, scholarship workshops, FAFSA (Federal Student Aid) workshops, college nights, student awards assemblies, regular parent meetings, board meetings and more, parents are welcome to attend, and support students and teachers as they prepare students for college and beyond. Most meetings and events are held during evening hours to accommodate working parents.

English Learner Advisory Council (ELAC):

This committee works with school leadership to ensure English Learners receive the services necessary to become proficient in English, enroll in college preparatory classes, and attain higher academic achievement. The ELAC helps to assess needs, set program goals and objectives, and develop a master plan for English Learners at Central City Value. Membership includes school administrators and teachers, but parents of English Learners comprise at least the same percentage of the ELAC membership as English learners constitute of the school’s total student population. This year's ELAC Meetings are scheduled for October, 3, 2019; December 5, 2019; March 5, 2020; May 7, 2020. ELAC Meetings are held at 6:00 PM in the Central City Value High School Community Room.

See school calendar for upcoming meeting dates and times.

School Site Council:

As prescribed by Cal. Ed. Code § 52852, Central City Value High School’s School Site Council comprises the principal, two parents chosen at parent meetings, two faculty members chosen by the faculty, and two students chosen by student election.

The School Site Council participates in the Central City Value budgeting process before the budget is submitted to the Board of Directors for approval, provides input on the LCAP, reviews any policies sent to it by the Value Schools Board of Directors for review, and serves as the Advisory Committee required by Title I Parent Compact.

The School Site Council also advises on school policies of concern to parents and students (e.g., student uniforms, vacation schedules, nutrition, special classes and extra-curricular activities) and to the faculty (e.g., leave days, faculty dress code and non-classroom responsibilities). The School Site Council meets at least four times a year and complies with the Brown Act in its operations. Information from School Site Council meetings is communicated to the Value Schools Board by the principal.

The contact person should a parent wish to be involved is: Joaquin Arroyo, Principal, (213) 471-4686. This year's School Site Council Meetings are scheduled for September 20, 2019; December 13, 2019; March 20, 2020; May 15, 2020. School Site Council Meetings are all held at at 7:00 AM in room 7 at Central City Value High School.

See school calendar for upcoming meeting dates and times.

Board Meetings:

Board Meetings for University Prep Value High School are held quarterly. We have at least one parent board member, and all parents are invited to attend meetings.  Board meeting dates are posted on the website and on the school communication board on the way into the main office.  The contact person should a parent wish to be involved is: David Doyle, CEO of Value Schools, ddoyle@valueschools.com. Board meetings and Board-directed Committees are open to the public. Learn more.

Other Stakeholder Involvement

Central City Value builds a safe, nurturing community of scholars by affirmatively seeking as much student, teacher, and parent participation as possible. The administration uses in-school announcements, letters, the parent/student handbook, and the Value Schools website to advertise opportunities by which stakeholders can help guide Central City Value’s educational program and school operations and to give notice of meetings and events.

Although the School Site Council takes the lead on helping to develop and update the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP), Central City Value seeks other stakeholder input on the LCAP and other school matters throughout the year. Central City Value holds frequent meetings to inform parents about the school’s operations and core values. Most meetings and events are held during evening hours to accommodate parents who work during the day. School-level and subgroup performance data are made available so parents can review student progress. Parents are invited to participate in discussions and surveys to provide input and feedback on spending and program decisions. Central City Value also invites parents and other stakeholders to participate in college preparation activities such as college/university information nights, college admission workshops, and explanations of student aid opportunities.

Teachers participate in a variety of committees throughout the year to analyze performance data and evaluate program effectiveness. This collaborative process encourages maximum stakeholder involvement in decision making.

Student opportunities for involvement include the Leadership Council, School Site Council, Student Ambassadors, National Honor Society, athletics, and various clubs.

If parents would like to be involved in any way with helping students in classes, parent activities,or even helping to clean or beautify the school, they should contact either Jose Uicab, Office Manager, (213) 471-4686.


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