The overarching goals of Everest Value School are best stated by the Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs) that were created by the Everest Value community. These goals clarify how the five values translate to the instructional and curricular focus of Everest Value School.

1. We believe that going to school is the most important thing we could do right now.

EVS Students are Academic Achievers who

    • are driven towards academic excellence in English language arts, math, science, and social studies
    • can gather and evaluate information, articulate ideas, and produce original works with confidence and clarity
    • use technological tools effectively, creatively, and responsibly
    • demonstrate the higher order thinking skills of application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation

2. We believe that each of us can learn and that in school we grow to become all that we can be.

EVS Students are Goal Seekers who

    • demonstrate ambition and take initiative to set challenging goals
    • realistically reflect on academic/ personal progress
    • use decision making processes that are logical and effective
    • show, understand, and appreciate the value of hard work
    • are aware of a variety of career opportunities and the paths to obtain them

3. We believe that we should respect every person.

EVS students are Respectful Scholars who

    • understand and respect people with different world views, beliefs, preferences, and abilities
    • develop healthy relationships with adults and peers
    • demonstrate skills in resolving interpersonal conflicts effectively
    • acknowledge their unique talents and gifts and share them with others in a positive way
    • make healthy choices nutritionally and socially

4. We believe that working together we can do more than we can do by ourselves.

EVS students are Collaborative Workers who

    • are able to effectively assume a variety of roles in social and academic groups
    • manage interpersonal relationships in a positive manner
    • adapt to new situations and changing environments
    • appreciate the contributions of others

5. We believe that what we learn is not just for ourselves but to help others and make a better world.

EVS students are Global Citizens who

    • Recognize global issues and their impact on individuals and communities
    • Use their time, energy, and talents to improve the quality of life for themselves, their school, community, state, nation, and world
    • Understand and exercise the responsibilities involved in citizenship of the various communities in which they live