At Everest Value School, we believe collaboration is key when executing an effective Individualized Education Program (IEP). The Special Education Department makes an effort to collaborate with teachers within their clusters, as well as other departments such as English Language Development (ELD), to discuss the goals of our IEP students and the progress they are making academically and behaviorally. Our team is proactive in identifying students who show signs of having a learning disability and put the correct interventions in place to help struggling students access the curriculum.

The Special Education Department also encourages parent involvement in the planning and implementation of an IEP. We believe active participation in this process is essential to having an effective IEP.

“At Everest Value School every student is family.”

Emotional Support

At Everest Value, we believe emotional support is essential to student’s learning.  Along with our in-house counselor, the Special Education Department seeks to improve student’s social skills, learn new coping strategies, and most importantly learn how to communicate their feelings in a positive way. Students at Everest Value are encouraged to take the strategies they learn at school and apply them in their daily life.

teacherkid2Our Special Education Program

At Everest Value, the Special Education Program Coordinators work as a cohesive team to provide an Individualized Educational Plan and a foundation that enables students to critically and actively think, communicate, and create. We also encourage lifelong learning, promote the acceptance of unique differences, and provide knowledge and support to staff, families, and the community.


image.pngThe Special Education Program at Everest Value School believes in the “Inclusion Model.” Inclusion ensures that all students will have access to grade level standards with supports and accommodations as needed.  Inclusion is a way of thinking and acting that allows every student to feel accepted, valued, and safe in our school environment. Our community consciously adapts to meet the needs of each student. Through recognition and support, our department provides meaningful involvement to your child’s learning and equal access to the benefits of all our programs.  

Intervention Team 

What makes Everest Value School unique is its dedicated Intervention Team.  The Intervention Team works with small groups of students, as well as one-on-one, to target specific study skills in comprehension and retention of academic content.  The Intervention team at Everest Value includes our:

“Fair isn’t everybody getting the same thing… Fair is everybody getting what they need in order to be successful.”
  • Special Education Coordinator 

  • Resource Specialist Teacher

  • ELD Coordinator 

  • Behavioral Intervention Implementation Specialists

  • Special Education Assistants

  • Instructional Aides 

 Download the Everest Value Special Education Program Flyer.

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