Academic Councils & Clubs

Leadership Council

The Leadership Council (LC) provides the opportunity for students to learn how to be leaders. The LC allows students to take initiative and become involved in school affairs while working in partnership with teachers, administrators, and fellow peers for the benefit of the school and its students. The LC contains several students from all grade levels who exemplify our five school values and are exceptional students with outstanding leadership qualities. These students help bring to light the ideas, interests, and concerns of their fellow peers, giving the student body a voice in their school environment. The LC is involved in creating an exceptional school by raising funds for school-wide activities, creating social events, promoting school spirit, organizing community projects, giving back to the community by organizing philanthropy events, as well as addressing areas that need school reform. LC members are chosen at the end of the present school year for the upcoming year by a panel of their peers. Students interested in participating must complete an application, collect forty signatures from their peers, collect three faculty recommendation signatures, write a two-page essay discussing why they aspire to become a member of LC, and conduct an interview with the principal and the LC Advisor. The LC is moderated by Ms. Reyes, Leadership Council Adviser & Activities Coordinator.

Student Ambassadors

Central City Value High School Student Ambassadors are the official representatives for the school and must contribute 30 total hours at designated student ambassador events. Ambassadors are knowledgeable, motivated, and enthusiastic students who serve as student hosts and hostesses at a variety of school and community events. These include but are not limited to school functions, and participation in the school tutoring program. The Ambassadors provide tours for prospective students, families, and other distinguished guests. The Ambassadors are dedicated and committed to the following: upholding the five core values, enhancing the image of the school, encouraging educational success, recruiting, and improving Central City Value High School. The Student Ambassadors Club is moderated by Ms. Reyes, Leadership Council Adviser & Activities Coordinator.

National Honors Society

the National Honor Society (NHS) was established to recognize outstanding high school- and middle school- level students. NHS is for those who show excellence in areas such as academic excellence, leadership, and character. They become honorable members of the elite group and show others the way to become academically successful. NHS meets a couple times a year and is moderated by Mr. Miller.

Extra Curricular Clubs

Cheer Club

Cheer Club gathers to support school games, pep rallies, and future events. It is open to all girls and boys, with or without experience. The club motivates others and has fun! The club brings school spirit, gets lots of exercise, and has fun. Students must get good grades to participate and remain on the squad. The Cheer Club meets after school and is moderated by Ms. Braude.

Chess Club

Chess Club's mission is to encourage logic skills, critical thinking, risk taking, and decision-making skills through the ancient game of chess. We encourage informal competition during lunch in room 8 as well as intramural tournaments once a year. Chess club is committed to improving logic and reasoning skills. In addition, there is a warm and welcoming community allowing players of all levels to participate, and showing members the importance of respect. Chess Club meets Thursdays during lunch, and is moderated by Mr. Miller.

Do Something

Do Something is a way to help the community by fulfilling activities that the organization plans for clubs to complete. The activities are fun, creative, and sometimes weird, but always for a good cause! The club is a way to help every person within the community, giving to those in need and to help our planet. The Do Something Club meets Fridays at Lunch in Room 6 with Ms. Braudas.

Drama Club

In Drama Club, the students play improvisation games, and create sense and performance pieces to be performed during Community Time. The club works on both live-action and video drama pieces. The club welcomes people of all experience levels and itnerests. Our mission is to encourage and push ourselves to think, act, and play outside our comfort levels. Drama Club meets Thursdays during lunch in room 21 with Ms. Adelman.

Gaming Community

A non-stereotypical club interpreting games, how they work, and the messages games send to players. We want different people to get different perspectives. The club hosts events, such as tournaments with prizes. The club is open to all. Gaming Club meets Mondays afterschool with Ms. Adelman.

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)

GSA is a club providing a safe place for students to express themselves while discussing issues mainly related to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ) community. GSA incorporate the main shool values into our club, but one of the most important is Value #3, respecting others. GSA lets everyone speak their mind and express themselves and no one is confronted for having their beliefs. Participants are very open-minded. GSA tries to bring awareness to the school community about bullying and homophobia.  GSA's main purpose is to spread love and stop the hate! GSA also finds solidarity with the GSA Network, a youth leadership organization that connects school-based Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) to each other and community resources through peer support, leadership development, and training. GSA meets every Wednesday and Friday during Lunch in room 12 and is moderated by Ms. Reyes and Ms. Adelman.

Poetry and Creative Writing Club

Members of the Poetry and Creative Writing Club will learn how to get their thoughts on to paper, and learn how to speak in public with poetry slams and open mics. Members will practice writing skills, develop writing and public speaking potential, and learn how to provide positive feedback to other writers. Poetry and Creative Writing Club meets Mondays and Thursdays during lunch, and is moderated by Ms. Braude.

Robotics Club

Robotics Club teaches students about technology, and provides a hands-on opportunity to put together controlled robots. Students work in a group of four or five and compete against other teams. Robotics Club meets Wednesdays at 4:30 PM in Ms. Bal's room, and is moderated by Ms. Bal and Jose Uicab.

Special Investigations of Ethics Club

The purpose of the Special Investigations of Ethics Club (SIE) is to investigate the past and identify and investigate unanswered questions. Group members investigate and write summaries of what they have discovered. The SIE Club meets Tuesdays from 3:00 - 4:00 PM and is moderated by Ms. Hare.

Truth Be Told

Truth Be Told (TBT) is a club where youth can learn about who God might be and the meaning of Christianity. Club members try to help others and reach out to them and invite them to our church. Our teen leaders teach each lesson. Participants give back to fellow classmates and help them understand the meaning of Christianity. TBT Club meets Tuesday at Lunch in room 6, and is moderated by Ms. Braude.

Ventures Club

The Ventures Club helps create a community outside of school. The club is meant for social outings where we exemplify value #4 and Value #2: creating a safe community and reaching our potential. The club meets once a week to plan social outings. Choices include skiing, rock climbing, camping and surfing. The Ventures Club allows us to create a bond outside the school and helps us explore the world around us. Ventures Club is moderated by Mr. Kenderes.

Sports Teams

Central City Value High School offers a variety of sports throughout the year. Students understand that participating in a sport is considered to be a privilege and understand that they are student-athletes. Grades and school behaviour are the top priorities for students. Sporting clubs offer a student a chance to participate in an extracurricular activity after school. The clubs will practice the five core values wherever they go and represent positively what Central City Value stands for. If you are interested in participating in Central City Sports Clubs, please contact Ms. Adolphe or any of the coaches listed for a particular sport.


  • FALL: August – November – Girls/Boys Cross Country, Girls Volleyball
  • WINTER: November – February – Girls and Boys Basketball and Soccer
  • SPRING: February – May – Girls Softball, Boys Baseball

Find out more about Central City Value High School Athletics here.


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