At Value Schools, graduation from high school is only part of the journey.  Helping young people move on to higher education is an essential partof what we do.  Most of our students go on to pursue higher education, both in 2- and 4-year colleges throughout the state of California and the U.S.  We work to instill in our students the confidence and practical knowledge to successfully take the SAT and ACT to help them reach their fullest potential. We know, for example, that:

  • College graduates earn approximately $15,000 more a year than those with only a high school diploma.
  • Only 22% of those who begin at a Community College transfer and receive a four year degree.
  • 61% of those that begin at a four year institution will graduate.

Value Schools works with students early in their educational careers to prepare them for college. Value Schools provides rigerous support during the college and university application process, and immerses students in the expectation and language essential to success. Select juniors and seniors also have an opportunity to participate in the Back East Scholars Trip visiting campuses such as Harvard, Yale, and Brown; or the Back West College Trip visiting campuses such as Stanford, UC Berkeley, and UC Santa Barbara.

Value Schools has had a high success rate getting students into college.  2016 marked an enormous year for Central City Value graduating seniors. 97% of our seniors crossed the stage to receive their high school diplomas; 63% of those graduating seniors will continue their educational experiences at 4 year colleges; and another 35% of graduates will attend 2-year community colleges. Not many schools can boast such success, and our Jaguars have much to be proud of!

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At Value Schools, we know a high school diploma is only a step to a lifetime of learning. We share the expectation that all our 21st century learners will continue on to make a positive difference in the world. And there are those that have stepped forward to ensure our students will not take this journey alone!

Value Schools offers scholarships to some of the most successful and dedicated students at Central City Value, helping to give a leg-up in their educational voyage. Friends of Value Schools - remarkably generous individuals who understand the barriers some of our students face when embarking on their educational journey - have joined forces with one another to provide these scholarships. We thank them all for their generous support, without which many of our students might not be able to reach their educational dreams.

Central City Value Scholarship

Central City Value Scholarships are awarded in many areas of focus, including academic proficiency, athletics, and community engagement and development.

The Chairman's Scholarship

In 2010, Don Conlan (Founding Board Chair) and Grant Cambridge (acting Board Chair) established a scholarship program to provide an incentive for Value Schools students to strive for and attend a leading four year university as ranked by US News & World report. The recipient of this scholarship must have been accepted to a leading four year college, demonstrate a commitment to our five core values combined with high academic achievement.

Value Schools Jon Lovelace Math Scholars Award

To underscore the importance of academic math achievement Value Schools is proud to have the support of Rick Beleson who established the Jon Lovelace Memorial Math Scholarship in memory of Jon Lovelace in 2011.

Value Schools Scholarship

The Value Schools Scholarship provides twenty Value School Graduates financial incentives to transfer from completed community college experiences to four-year colleges.

At Central City Value High School we take time to familiarize youth and parents of the possibilities of college and encourage them to access some of these quality programs, as well as keep students and families abreast of upcoming scholarship and grant opportunities as they arise.

Heart of Los Angeles (H.O.L.A): Provides free tutoring, counseling, art, music, and sports clubs. Student’s who join the summer ROPE program are given priority to attend the fall SAT PREP program.  Located at 2701 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 100, Los Angeles, CA 90057. (213) 389-1148

Bresee Foundation: Provides free tutoring, SAT PREP, internship and volunteer opportunities. Located at 184 Bimini Pl. Los Angeles, CA 90004. (213) 387-2822

In addition, check out our presentation to Seniors, and the college night presentations for youth at Value Schools.