image.pngThis year Value Schools has begun its largest fundraising effort ever, to raise $4 Million for a new Everest Value School campus.

Every student, teacher and family is making the trek. And so many from the Value Schools’ community joined them. And each of our students want to say THANK YOU!

Since starting the campaign, our supporters have helped raise nearly $2.3 Million, 57% of the way to our $4 Million goal.

From all of us at Value Schools — thank you for climbing! We will reach the summit, together!

Thank you to our friends, Board of Directors and generous community members who helped make this opportunity possible. Together, we are changes the lives of over 1,600 Los Angeles students!


Students met for AO4EIt was a busy and productive weekend for Value Schools. No one knows it more clearly than seniors Orlane H. and Jefte C. from University Prep Value High School.

Beginning early Saturday morning, Orlane and Jefte (along with Biology teacher Kathryn Hanling and English teacher Briana Torres) helped organize an event with over 120 students, teachers and family members of AO4E (Angelenos Organizing For Education) at University Prep Value. 

The group, made up of the Ednovate Esperanza and University Prep Value communities, met to advocate for students’ safety and request support from the Los Angeles Schools Police Chief, Steven Zipperman.

“It felt great to all work together toward a single cause,” said Jefte. “We realized we have the same morals and beliefs and are all working to make a difference.”

Ms. Hanling presented months of student findings to Chief Zipperman, data and stories on the challenges students face while traveling to and from their campuses, such as gang violence, harassment, drug trafficking and theft.  

We realized we have the same morals and beliefs and are all working to make a difference.”
-- Jefte C., senior, University Prep Value High School

Students were thrilled to hear Chief Zipperman say “yes” to every one of the student-run organization’s requests. He committed to: support the development of a safety app for students as they travel to and from school; work with AO4E and participating schools on “safe to school” pilot programs; connect student communities to city and district policy makers that might help support their efforts; and working with AO4E to address ongoing safety issues in the district.

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woodsflyerOrlane, however, could not remain with her AO4E colleagues for the entire meeting. She had one more commitment that day: performing the role of Cinderella in twoproductions of Into the Woods Porticos Art Space in Altadena! 

“It felt good to work together as a team, both with those in the morning and those in theater in the afternoon,” said Orlane. “I got to meet new people and all our hard work payed off.”

Into the Woods Jr. is the first collaboration between Downtown Value and University Prep Value. Orlane joined thirty middle and high school students who rehearsed over the last three months to enliven audiences with song and dance.

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Value Schools celebrates our student leaders, from our advocates to our actors. We know it is important to provide as many pathways to success as possible, and are excited when every student takes opportunities to become their best! 

Value Schools is excited as Orlane and Jefte wait on acceptance letters from their dream schools: UC Santa Barbara for Orlane, and UC Irvine for Jefte! Great work!

We Climb.

We're more than half way there!
Parents and students are excited about We Climb, our campaign to raise $4.0 million toward the cost of a state-of-the-art campus for Everest Value School. 
Value Schools has passed the half-way mark, raising over $2 Million for a new campus that will have enough space to provide an exceptional education to twice as many children!

As this year comes to an end, Value Schools welcomes gifts for this campaign, as well as gifts that benefit students throughout the Value Schools network by supporting enrichment programs, leadership opportunities, and professional development. 
Urban charter schools face daunting facilities challenges, and competition is fierce. Converting an industrial or commercial property into a suitable school site is a steep climb. Fortunately, our supporters have been with us at every step.

We have grown with our friends by our side, and are excited to join again with those who recognize the power and impact of a values-based education.

When the challenges are great, we climb. Climb the mountain with us and help us reach our goal! Check out


David Doyle visited the Bay Area recently and met with six Value Schools alumni currently attending University of California, Berkeley. 

Melissa R. '15, is currently a senior at UC Berkeley working on a Bachelor of Science in Public Health and hopes to become a physician's assistant.

"I was scared when I got here," said Melissa, "but I was prepared for the demanding writing courses because I had teachers like Ms. Kamp and Mr. Gray who pushed me in their AP classes." 
Value Schools works to equip all students with the tools not just to graduate but to succeed in higher education. We want 100% of our students, if they so choose, to graduate from four-year institutions. 
Coming from a low-income first generation household, there are things I had to learn on my own in order to navigate college.”
-- Melissa Rodriguez, Value Schools alumna and UC Berkeley senior
Our high school students work hard to gain entrance to four-year universities, but it can be a challenge to complete their education. 

"It is difficult to ever be fully prepared for college," says Melissa. "Coming from a low-income, first-generation household, there are things I had to learn in order to navigate college."

Many students have a difficult time adjusting to university life. For many it is the first time away from home and things familiar. Having faced these obstacles herself, Melissa has good advice for our graduating seniors.
"I have joined organizations that align with my beliefs and reinforce my passions," she says, "and if you are just entering college, I highly encourage it."

Melissa is currently interviewing for jobs, completing her  physician's assistant hours, and studying for her GRE. She will study in Spain over the summer months. Like the others Mr. Doyle dined with that night, it took Melissa time to find her footing in a college environment, but she perseveres with the mantra of Value 1 in her mind: going to school is the most important thing I can do right now!
Like the others Mr. Doyle dined with that night, it took Melissa time to find her footing in a college environment, but she perseveres with the mantra of Value 1 in her mind: going to school is the most important thing I can do right now!

PJ Drive 2018 Parents LetterEverest Value School's founding kindergarten class is now in the fourth grade. During their four years at the school, each student and their classroom teachers have worked to empower the students to give back. And this year is no exception.

Ms. Wilcox has worked with her fourth grade class to sponsor a Pajama Drive for those in need this holiday season.

“When the weather gets cold and rainy,” reminds Ms. Wilcox, “it is important to remember not everyone is fortunate enough to have cozy pajamas to keep them warm and dry!”

The fourth grade students spent the week traveling from classroom to classroom, convincing others to support their campaign.
Every Everest Value classroom donated new pajamas for needy children and adults - 95 sets in all! And because Scholastic is donating one book for every set of pajamas donated, Everest Value now has 95 soon-to-arrive new reading opportunities for every Everest Value student. 
Congratulations to Ms. Wilcox's fourth grade class for a successful campaign and for demonstrating Value 5. You are all helping others and making a better world!
Looking forward to Giving Tuesday and steeped in a shared commitment and history, students from Value Schools focus today on giving back.
Sixty students from our schools are currently serving over 300 Thanksgiving dinners to those in need at Angelica Lutheran Church.

The practice of giving back on Thanksgiving began in 2003, when Rev. Carlos Paiva of Angelica Lutheran Church generously provided classroom space to Central City Value in its first year of operation.

As our school community has grown, giving back has become a tradition at Value Schools. University Prep Value High School, Downtown Value School, and Everest Value School have joined their peers from Central City Value to give back to their Pico Union families and neighbors.

Value Schools CEO David Doyle reflected on the commitment he made to Rev. Carlos and his community in 2006. 

"We are grateful for their support," said Doyle, "and we serve each year because we want students to remember the kindness given to them and then to 'pay it forward.' Without the support of Rev. Carlos over the years, Central City Value High School would not exist today."

Alumni return each season to do just that. Jennifer G., an alumnus from Downtown Value in 2007, Central City Value in 2011, and graduate from California State University, Northridge in 2015 said, "I continue to volunteer because it gives me an opportunity to give back to my community and because I enjoy helping others. It's very rewarding seeing how happy the families get when we serve them a thanksgiving dinner."

We wish you well during this holiday season, and thank you for the support you have shown Value Schools today, every day, and on Giving Tuesday!

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