Beginning in February, members of the Value Schools Board of Directors embarked on a six-week journey with University Prep Value High School students to help them develop strong financial literacy skills.
Led by three members of the Value Schools Board of Directors – Mr. Jeff Garcia (who graduated from Stanford), Mr. Vince Gonzales (who graduated from Stanford and Harvard), and Mr. Grant L. Cambridge (who graduated from Harvard) – the Value Schools Financial Literacy Course was designed to alert, inform, and educate students to concepts of personal finance and money management. Broad topics were the foundation for the course: college and career planning, money management, savings and investing, income and spending. Students were exposed to concepts related to investing, savings, debt, interest rates, compounding, and basic company analysis.
The course culminated with a tour of an active trading floor at the Los Angeles Bank of America building, and an exciting “stock picking” contest and portfolio presentation on Capital Group’s 53rd floor.
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Students in teams of four pitched fellow investors on the long-term sustainability of investment opportunities found in the companies Amazon, Tiffany and Co., Coca-Cola, Intel, and Apple. Presentations covered historical trends, evaluations on competition, branding, consumer demand, and the students’ long-term investment assessments.
Students were nervous as their portfolio pitches were evaluated by Capital Group investors Garcia, Gonzales, and Cambridge, along with assessment analysts and visiting powerhouse investors like Michael Stockton, the Vice President of Fund Business Management Group at Capital.
The students developed a better understanding of financial literacy fundamentals and were praised by investors (investors whose institution manages over $1.7 trillion in assets!) as having done an outstanding job assessing their chosen markets.
Value Schools thanks its dedicated and passionate Board of Directors for this exciting experience, and for helping ensure all Value Schools’ students thrive.