We Climb for Everest Value School - September 6

We Climb Campaign now at 60% of it's goal!For the second year in a row, our students and families came together to support We Climb, our $4 Million campaign for a state-of-the-art campus for Everest Value School. 

Students from every campus celebrated, heightened community awareness, and raised over $1250 toward the campaign by making and selling t-shirts and participating in “free dress” day.

And... we have achieved 60% of our $4 Million dollar goal!

With plans to open a new building in September of 2021, our We Climb committees have been busy. The Architecture and Planning Committee has surveyed parents, students and faculty to collect a united vision for the new building. Our Community and Government Committee is working with the Rampart Village Neighborhood Council, the city planning office, and Councilperson Mitch O'Farrell's office to secure permits. The Fundraising Committee has been busy planning events and reaching out to donors. 

We can now see the summit in the distance. We know our community's growth lies not at the mountain's peak, but with each step we take on our journey toward the summit. Together we plan, strive, and persevere. We know you will be with us when we reach the top. We climb as a team. We succeed as a team. Together, We Climb.