Value Schools Reopening Progress Updates

Our dedicated teachers and paraprofessionals have spent considerable amounts of time planning and figuring out how to deliver instruction in a meaningful “Value Schools” way, with rigor, high expectations, and engaging. Our Special Education and English Learner Development Program Teams have also spent countless hours delivering services to our students most in need. Our administrators have lost hours of sleep figuring out how to inspire in the midst of uncertainty, how to create systems and procedures during a time when guidelines are constantly changing, and managing and restructuring every educational program imaginable. Without a doubt, the toughest job has been on our students and our parents, who day in and day out must figure out how to persevere through this crisis without being experts in education, or having a lot of knowledge in technology systems, in some cases loss of income, or in many cases loss of child care. We applaud each of you and commend you because each of you is doing the best you can with the extraordinary circumstances we have been given and this is what DEVELOPING OUR POTENTIAL is all about.
Take a look at our Reopening Progress Updates, and please contact your school principal or Ana Chavez, Chief of Operations and Compliance, with any questions.