Pioneers of Everest Value: Jacqueline Gonzalez-Reyes

As we climb on, excited to see construction begin on our new Everest Value School building, I want to introduce you to some of our own “pioneers” whose ingenuity and tenacity built the family it will house. In the coming months, as we update you on progress at the new site, we will tell you about more of these dedicated Everest pioneers who finally have the summit in sight. 
Jacqueline Gonzalez-Reyes had a flashback when the novel coronavirus upended education in 2020. “It’s just like 2014 and we’re starting a school again! We’re building the plane in the air!” A natural connector and problem solver, Jacqueline’s outreach skills became legendary as she walked the neighborhoods to spread the word about Everest Value. She talked to parents about how our values drive everything we do and about how they had the chance to shape a brand new local school around their children’s needs. When skeptics said “too good to be true,” Jacqueline made believers of them. 
When her outreach revealed the need to change the school’s original growth plan, she was all in on finding solutions. More teachers. More creative use of space. More students to fill the unanticipated classrooms. More and better, as a community was born. Along the way, she took on more responsibility, always firmly grounded in the original dream:  “Joining Everest Value was an opportunity to dream big. It connected my heart and my brain. It ignited my creativity, provided me the space to grow and become a leader.” 
Thank you for supporting our team at Everest Value School!!  
Keep an eye out for upcoming stories about our founding members of the Everest community!