Everest Value Groundbreaking News

We Climb!When we initiated the We Climb campaign, we had two goals. The first was obvious: fill the gap between the cost of the project and the funds available to us through public financing. As of today, our supporters have contributed or pledged nearly 80% of that need, with just over $4.6 million toward our goal of $5.8 million. Thank you!!
The second goal was integral to who we are: a community that thrives by working together. We wanted this project to be a labor of love for that whole community – including not just the devoted members of our boards, but all of Value Schools’ students, parents, staff, friends and supporters. We are well on our way to meeting those goals, and look forward to welcoming you all when we open Everest Value’s new doors.
Our students come to Value Schools to build a strong foundation for their futures. We invite you to watch the 2-1/2 minute video below and see how you’re helping to make that metaphor concrete.
Gratefully on behalf of the We Climb team,
David Doyle
President and CEO, Value Schools