New Leadership at Value Schools

Since 2012, the President and CEO of Value Schools has also served as the President of the Value Schools Foundation, a separate organization created to support the growth and development of Value Schools. In the last few years, the Foundation’s major project has been the We Climb capital campaign, but its mission is to make sure all of our schools have the resources they need to develop our students’ potential. Over the past few years, it has become clear that we could do even more to support everyone at Value Schools if we were able to dedicate a position to these development activities. I am delighted to announce that Mr. David Doyle has agreed to assume the responsibilities of this new position full-time, continuing his role with the Foundation.

Ana Chavez, the Interim CEO of Value SchoolsEffective January 1, 2022, Ms. Ana Chavez will become the interim President and CEO of Value Schools. Ms. Chavez has served Value Schools since 2005 as a teacher, school leader and, since 2019, Chief of Operations and Compliance. Along with a B.A. from UCLA and a Master’s in Education from Cal State Sacramento, she brings a wealth of experience in various educational settings and a deep understanding of the operations of each school. Most important, she is steeped in our values and absolutely committed to upholding them in all we do. The board appreciates her willingness to step up at this critical time.

During this interim period, board members Naya Bloom and Vince Gonzales will co-chair the board’s CEO Search Committee. That committee will work with an executive search firm to conduct a comprehensive, inclusive, competency-based CEO search over the next several months. We will keep you posted on that process.

Mr. Doyle has steered Value Schools through the unprecedented challenges of a pandemic, simultaneously spearheading the Foundation’s ambitious and successful campaign to construct a new site for Everest Value. Either of these roles would have been a full-time job in most organizations. It is to Mr. Doyle’s immense credit that his hard work and imagination have expanded the range and possibilities of leadership roles at Value Schools. The board is grateful not only for his extraordinary performance in this challenging period, but for his creative approach to expanding our reach to serve more, and serve better.

On behalf of the Value Schools and Foundation boards, I wish you all a happy and healthy 2022, and look forward to celebrating our successes and rising to meet new challenges in the Value Schools tradition.


Grant L. Cambridge
Chair, Value Schools Board of Directors and Value Schools Foundation