Dr. Grimes Provides Career Exploration


"This experience meant a lot to me because I  got to hear a story from Dr. Grimes who had a dream and made it happen, meaning my dreams are also possible."

   – Student survey response

After a tour of her medical offices which included her research and examination rooms, Dr. Grimes provided dinner for the students and an inspirational description of how she followed her dreams to become a doctor. 

Along the way she accepted help from mentors, persevered through many challenges and ultimately formed a dedicated team of professionals who serve patients in the community. Our students related to the story of her ambitions, struggles and triumphs, and shared their own aspirations of becoming medical professionals in the future. 

We are very grateful to Dr. Grimes for generously sharing her story and for providing our students with a chance to visit her office in person.

Opportunities like these provide our students a chance to connect their education with real-world experience. If you would like to discuss creating an exciting, interactive experience for our students, either at our schools or at your business or organization, please contact me at [email protected].