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2021 Jerry Awards

Each year since 2015 Value Schools celebrates the Jerry Awards. The award is named for our founder, Dr. Jerome Porath, who founded Value Schools in 2000.

Pioneers of Everest Value: Chris Medinger

Chris Medinger began his Everest Value journey in a conversation with then-CEO Gerry Jacoby: “The bad news is we’re not promoting you to vice-principal. The good news is we’re asking you to start a whole new school.”

Pioneers of Everest Value: Edgar Nguyen

Edgar Nguyen thought he was meant to be a firefighter, and was just a step or two short of that destination, when by happy accident he agreed to help a friend clean out the basement at Downtown Value School.

Pioneers of Everest Value: Bobby Marquez

Bobby Marquez brought the math (and more). Fresh from an education program at Loyola-Marymount and Teach For America training, Bobby was recruited ten years ago to Downtown Value School by then-principal Gerry Jacoby.

Pioneers of Everest Value: Alice Dryden

Alice Dryden brought the music. With a background in music education and composition, Alice brought performance talent. More than that, she brought a keen ability to draw the music out of every child.

Aspiration for Kindness Week

Chanel W., a senior at Value Schools, is relatively new to our community. Chanel came to Central City Value in 10th grade, seeking greater diversity, new opportunities, and a more academically challenging environment.
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