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Who We Serve, How and Why it Works

Who we serve

Value Schools serves youth from urban areas from Kindergarten to 12th Grade, currently at four school sites: Downtown Value School, serving K-8th Grade; Everest Value School, serving K-8th Grade; Central City Value High School, serving 9th-12th Grade; and University Prep Value High School, serving 9th-12 Grade.

Challenges and opportunities

Restoring the jewel of California, its public education system, requires an "all hands on deck" effort. California requires an educated 21st Century populace and workforce, and taxpayers demand high-quality, free educational options to produce them.
Research shows that charter schools can be especially successful in urban areas like Los Angeles with students who are low-income, Black or Hispanic, or English Language Learners. These are precisely the kinds of students we at Value Schools have made it our mission to serve.

Why it works: the link between values and outcomes

The "secret sauce" is the values that are embedded in every part of the program. When Dr. Anthony Bryk and others studied Catholic parochial schools to identify what makes them so effective, especially with inner-city students, they concluded that SHARED BELIEFS AND VALUES WERE THE KEY TO A SCHOOL’S SUCCESS.
Value Schools founder Dr. Jerome Porath recognized that these beliefs and values need not be religious - that great things happen when the charter school's leaders, teachers, parents and students all share a common secular vision of excellence. From banners to sweatshirts, from curriculum to discipline strategies, the message is clear: we believe in ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE, DEVELOPING POTENTIAL, DEMONSTRATING RESPECT, BUILDING COMMUNITY, and GIVING BACK.

How it works

  • Small school settings: Value Schools knows that strong, positive relationships are key to student success. That happens best in places "where everybody knows your name" and nobody slips through the cracks.
  • Vibrant campus life: Value Schools students are encouraged to develop their interests in a wide variety of areas. Opportunities for enrichment, physical activity, leadership and service are provided on every Value Schools campus.
  • Student-centered curriculum using research-based materials: A standards-based curriculum focuses on what students know, not what teachers teach. Student-focused learning ensures teachers provide learning activities and tasks suited to individual needs.
  • Dedicated and enthusiastic parents: Our parents are an integral part of our campus life. Through their involvement, parents develop an extended community that enriches not only the life of the school, but the lives of families as well.
  • Highly trained and committed educators: Professional collaboration is the key to improving teaching skills. Our teachers are dedicated to working together to become exceptional educators.

What makes Value Schools unique among charter schools?

Grounded in our values, our rigorous academic programs challenge our students to be a part of a rich learning environment. We have high expectations for our students and we do everything we can to ensure our students reach these expectations. The importance of the five core values cannot be overstated.