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Career Exploration

The Value Schools Foundation Board is excited to focus its attention on new and exciting ways to give back to our community. Inspired by the energy of 282 donors during the We Climb campaign, our Foundation Board continues to focus its energy on students across all four campuses. We are expanding experiences for our students, both on and off campus, that provide access to career and educational opportunities which ensure they live and experience the values every day.

Conceived to provide students access to a high-quality education, Value Schools is focused on providing even greater access to expansive educational experiences. 

The Value Schools Foundation works with leaders throughout our community to find new and exciting ways for donors and friends to make a lasting difference in the lives of our students – by sharing their professional insight and talent with young people eager to learn.

Our aim is to expand our students’ horizons and imaginations while providing opportunities where they see themselves succeeding in education and in life.

  • Career Exploration provides opportunities for interactive, onsite experiences where youth actively engage in and learn from leaders in their field.
  • Back East Scholars Trip (BEST) introduces students to colleges and universities on the East Coast and empowers them to imagine attending institutions of higher learning.
  • Trips to Washington, D.C., Catalina Island, Griffith Observatory, and The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens enlighten students and families.
  • Financial Literacy courses, 529 student education investment accounts and college scholarships make it possible for students and families to plan for and envision their futures from the time they enter kindergarten.
  • Art, music and theater programs help students find new ways of understanding and making meaning from their experiences.
  • Base Camp provides mentorship opportunities while challenging students to develop their potential.
  • Senior Retreat gives students time to reflect on their life experiences, relationships, and goals for the future.
Dr. Pearl GrimesFor example, Long-time Value Schools’ supporter Dr. Pearl Grimes provided an exceptional Career Exploration event at her Wilshire Boulevard medical office.
After a tour of her medical offices which included her research and examination rooms, Dr. Grimes provided dinner for the students and an inspirational description of how she followed her dreams to become a doctor.
Along the way she accepted help from mentors, persevered through many challenges and ultimately formed a dedicated team of professionals who serve patients in the community. Our students related to the story of her ambitions, struggles and triumphs, and shared their own aspirations of becoming medical professionals in the future. 
Opportunities like this provide our students a chance to connect their education with real world experience. If you would like to discuss creating an exciting, interactive experience for our students, either at our schools or at your business or organization, please contact David Doyle, Value Schools Foundation President, at [email protected].
“I used to be shy, but now I feel more confident. My mindset is more mature and mentally prepared for obstacles that will come my way. Arts in general – dance, theater, music, science, the outdoors – are a great way to connect with people and feel more confident in the world.”
-- Ana, Central City Value High School, Class of 2023