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How to Support Value Schools

Value Schools' students

Celebrate the Power of Giving to Support Value Schools!

We take pride in having provided exceptional values-based education for the youth of Los Angeles for over twenty years.

At Value Schools, we believe that every child deserves a quality education, regardless of their background or circumstances. We are proud to make a real difference in the lives of students from low-income and minority communities, equipping them with the tools and opportunities to thrive in today's world.

And we couldn't do it without the generous support of donors like you! Whether you're interested in making a one-time gift or exploring more complex philanthropic planning options, we're here to help you find the perfect way to make a difference.

Your gifts have a direct impact on the lives of our students, providing everything from new equipment and facilities to innovative programs and experienced personnel. Celebrate the power of giving to support the incredible students and families we serve. Together, we can create a brighter future for our communities and our world.


Donating is easy and secure. You can use any major credit card to donate online, and your transaction will be processed quickly and securely. We appreciate your generosity and commitment to our mission of providing a high-quality education to all students. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of our students and the communities we serve.

Value Schools Foundation offers giving opportunities through a variety of financial, estate, investment and philanthropic planning vehicles. We will partner with you to find customized solutions that integrate your philanthropic and financial planning needs.


ONLINE: Give quickly and securely by clicking GIVE NOW (above) and completing the online form.


BY MAIL: Send a check to: Value Schools Foundation, 680 Wilshire Place, Suite 308, Los Angeles CA 90005.


BY PHONE: To set up a comfortable payment plan, call us at (213) 388-8676.


MULTI-YEAR COMMITMENTS: Value Schools benefits especially from ongoing, predictable support via monthly, quarterly, annual or multi-year gifts or pledges. These may be made directly with Value Schools Foundation or through your donor-advised fund.


MATCHING GIFTS: Multiply the impact of your donation by engaging your organization’s matching gift program.


ASSET TRANSFERS: Many donors opt for tax-advantaged contributions of securities, real estate, or other property that has appreciated in value or that they no longer need or wish to insure.


IN-KIND GIFTS: Support Value Schools by contributing your time and talent! Expertise in painting, carpentry, plumbing, tiling, mentoring and other in-kind donations are always welcome. When we are building for the future, friends with skills have a special role to play at Value Schools!

How do you think about your legacy? Including Value Schools in your estate planning process can ensure you and your family will have a lasting impact on education and the broader Los Angeles community.

The Value Schools Legacy Program offers giving opportunities through a variety of financial, estate, investment and philanthropic planning vehicles. We will partner with you to find customized solutions that integrate your philanthropic and financial planning needs.

The Value Schools Legacy Program is the most impactful way to give, helping to ensure the future impact of Value Schools while at the same time meeting your personal planning objectives.

There is often a misunderstanding that planned giving is complex and mysterious. But it is not so! Value Schools will guide you along the way so that you and your loved ones will easily navigate the plan at every stage. Our planned giving programs allow you to find customized solutions that integrate your philanthropic, financial, tax and estate planning needs. Smart charitable financial planning can improve your own financial situation by increasing your income, reducing or eliminating capital gain tax liability, and providing other tax advantages.

Many giving options are available to you. Our team here at Value Schools is ready to work with you and your professional advisors to establish the appropriate giving structure that suits your financial needs as well as the needs of your family.

You can give to the Value Schools Legacy Program in many ways.

PERSONAL WILL OR ESTATE TRUST: bequest your property or a percentage of your estate.

If you are interested in deferring a gift until your passing, and maintaining control of your assets during your lifetime, this is a powerful way to leave a legacy of care. We can help you work with your attorney to add a gift in your Will or Living Trust detailing your donation to the Value Schools Foundation, or designate us as a beneficiary of a percentage of your estate.

CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITY (CGA): plan for yourself now and support Value Schools later.

With a CGA, you can supplement your retirement income with steady payments and receive payments that are partially income tax-free. A CGA qualifies you for a potential income tax deduction, ensures you receive fixed payments for life, and the remainder of your gift after your passing supports Value Schools.

CHARITABLE REMAINDER UNITRUST OR CHARITABLE REMAINDER ANNUITY TRUST: support your family now and give to Value Schools later.

With a Charitable Remainder Unitrust or Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust, you can supplement your own retirement income or that of someone you love. Your created trust pays either a variable (unitrust) or fixed (annuity trust) amount each year to you or your loved one for a lifetime or a term up to 20 years. When the term is up, the balance goes to Value Schools.

CHARITABLE LEAD UNITRUST OR CHARITABLE LEAD ANNUITY TRUST: give to Value Schools now and support your family later.

With a Charitable Lead Unitrust or Charitable Lead Annuity Trust, you can provide an immediate revenue stream to Value Schools while ensuring those in your family are taken care of when you pass. Your created trust pays either a variable (unitrust) or fixed (annuity trust) amount each year to Value Schools for the lifetime or term of years. When the term is up, the balance is passed to your heirs.

At Value Schools, donations play a vital role in providing a safe and high-quality education for every student. Our programs and resources are strengthened by your generosity, ultimately benefiting the academic success of our students. For an alternate arrangement, or if you have any questions, please contact David Doyle at (213) 388-8676 or [email protected].
Value Schools Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 100% of your donation is tax deductible as a charitable contribution. All gifts are deeply appreciated and will be used in accordance with the donor’s wishes. Value Schools and Value Schools Foundation are tax-exempt organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and gifts to them are tax-deductible to the extent provided by law.