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Our mission is to establish and support free, high quality, values-based charter schools for students historically underserved by traditional public schools.Grounded in our values, our rigorous academic programs challenge our students to be a part of a rich K-12 learning environment. We have high expectations for our students and we do everything we can to ensure our students reach these expectations. Join us as we create exceptional schools, exceptional communities, and exceptional lives. 
Here at Value Schools, we are committed to the values that we hold dear:
  • Academic excellence is the means to a full life
  • Each student can develop to his or her fullest potential
  • Each individual is unique and deserves respect
  • A safe, nurturing community is essential to academic excellence
  • Service to others is a responsibility of every educated person
We strive to make these values real to our whole community, and to continually find better ways to help them take root in your children. These are values that can guide them and support them, not just for the time they are with us, but throughout their adult lives as well.